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Val di Toro

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“The craft of winemaking begins with the care of the soil and ends as an open bottle of wine on table.”

Val di Toro is a family owned and managed winery in the heart of Maremma in Southern Tuscany. Their wines are produced using organic principles and meticulous winemaking using only the most natural practices and the best fruit, working within the framework of nature with human inputonly to help along the way.

Founders and owners Anna Maria Cruciata and Hugh Constable Maxwell moved to Maremma in 2003, attracted by the beauty of its countryside and by the desire of a life in close contact with nature. They have transformed fields that in older times used to be pasture for Maremman bulls into vineyards, using grape varieties typical to the area.

Environment sustainability is their driving principle. Farming practices are focused on giving back to the soil and managing the 12 hectare vineyard located in the heart of Maremma as a balanced sustainable farming unit. The result is grapes of the highest quality, handpicked and selected, which are then crafted into wines of great character that reflect the strength and beauty of the land.

Their approach is to tap into the rhythms of nature to embrace biodiversity and encourage natural processes in order to grow healthy grapes that help craft expressive, vibrant and living wines.
Full of wild red and black berry fruit with delicious spice notes of licorice, vanilla and black pepper. Some structure underpins the velvety fruit and the wine is fresh open and appealing.
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The color is an elegant pink with peach nuances and lively, brilliant reflexes. The intense and inviting aromas are of fresh fruit, primarily strawberry and peach and behind lie some tropical notes of mango and papaya. The taste is fresh and fragrant, with a sapid, mineral central mouth and a pleasant equilibrium between the components.
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Aromas of citrus, apple, pear and exotic fruits. The taste is harmonic and fresh and its acidity perfectly balanced with fullness and roundness of taste. The minerality is remarkable and typical of the sandy Mediterranean terrain that is home of this wine. Perfect with fish and sea food.
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