Sola Raventos

In 1898 Solà Raventós was dedicated to the elaboration of wines in the estate “Maset de la Verdera”, and it was in 1925 when the first bottles of cava were made.

Since 1987, it has become a personal project of Pere, who, together with his wife, makes the dream come true of making cava the way we understand and love. Since 2018 his son Guifré accompanies them on the journey.

More than 100 years putting all our effort in the elaboration of a cava of great quality linking tradition and innovation!

Nowadays, at Solà Raventós we produce a small production of about 20,000 bottles, we put maximum care in each part of the process to ensure their excellence. The cellar is managed by Pere and Guifré, a micro-production of 2 people!

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