Pierre and Bertrand Couly

The domaine of Pierre & Bertrand Couly sits high above the rotary as you enter Chinon like a watchtower guarding the city gates. Yet behind the red turret sits a modern, state of the art winery producing juicy, fruity, and sophisticated Cabernet Franc. Surrounded by lavish vineyards over 16 hectares of rich, chalky soil, they produce a unique Cabernet Franc with subtle tanins and rich fruit.

Pierre and Bertrand Couly operate around 20 hectares in the Chinon appellation. Stemming from a long line of winemakers which goes back to the 15th century by the maternal family of Bertrand (Farou). Pierre and Bertrand Couly have chosen to turn to sustainable viticulture. They have received the HVE (High Environmental Value) label for their environmental choices allowing for the preservation of biodiversity. Pierre and Bertrand Couly endeavor to present to you the variety of terroirs of the appellation through the different vintages they produce each year.

There are now two properties, the newest in Chinon and the original just down the road in St. Louans – both available all year round for tastings. The making of wine at Pierre & Bertrand Couly is a family affair and everyone pitches in. You can tell everyone cares. AND, all this flavor and wine enjoyment comes at very attractive prices.

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