Zisola Effe Emme 2014

The Marchesi Mazzei, owners of Castello di Fonterutoli, after having acquired the Tenuta Belguardo in Maremma, decided, in 2003 to invest in another area particularly suited to viticulture, the wonderful Noto where, already 2,600 years ago, the Greeks introduced the?Nero d’Avola. 20 hectares are dedicated to viticulture, spread along the magnificent natural context of the extreme south-eastern edge of the island, on medium-textured and strongly?calcareous?soils, ideal for vine breeding; here the unique characteristics of the?terroir?meet with a great vine in purity, the?Petit Verdot, giving life to an intriguing result full of personality, which already in the name ‘Effe Emme’, referring to the initials of Filippo Mazzei, wants to tell a story of tradition and respect.


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