Il Borro Bolle di Borro Rose

The nose is rich of crunchy bread crusts fruit, reminiscent of the sour freshness of Sangiovese. In the mouth it has this creamy texture, enveloping silky with a juicy sour note typical of Sangiovese


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In the Tuscan dialect, the name Borro is that of the ancient fortress built to defend a strategic area crossed by stretches of the Clodia and Cassia, two important Roman roads. It is for this reason that control of Il Borro was for so long the object of bitter disputes between local factions, noble families and other kingdoms. The first written record of the Castle Il Borro dates back to 1254, when a Milanese nobleman purchased the property from the Mascagni family. It was in the 16th century, under the patronage of political figure Alessandro del Borro, the true “father” of Il Borro, that the first transformations and extensions to the stronghold began to shape the spectacular estate that Il Borro is today.

In 1993 the the entire property was sold to Ferruccio Ferragamo who fell madly in love with the Il Borro estate.  Aided by his son Salvatore (presently CEO of Il Borro), Ferruccio began extensive restoration and refurbishment of this ancient place, which still bore the scars of the Second World War. At the heart of the entire restoration project was a desire to bring the estate back to life, preserving its traditions and history while at the same time making those improvements that make this place a perfect continuum between past, present and future.

Il Borro is part of the Vald’Arno di Sopra DOC, one of the latest DOC among the Denominations of Controlled Origin established with the modern regulations of the 60’s. And yet, the production of high quality wines was so deeply rooted in these territories that already in 1716 Cosimo III de’ Medici realized the need of protecting Tuscan wines of Chianti, Pomino, Carmignano, and indeed Valdarno di Sopra, from forgeries. As of today, only organic wineries can be part of the Valda’Arno di Sopra DOC.

Located in a unique corner of Tuscany surrounded by a rare and precious terroir, Il Borro’s rich land and ideal climate make for the perfect conditions for growing unique and original wines. And for a real treat, make sure you plan a visit to Il Borro to see it’s fantastic Relais et Chateau property.