Bertrand Couly Le V 2015

100% Cabernet Franc

The limestone terroir brings more structure and tannins to this bold red wine typifying Cabernet Franc. Named for Vincent, the youngest son of Bertrand for his participation in creating this long lasting red. 5-12 years ageing potential.


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At Pierre & Bertrand Couly each plot is vinified separately. The wines are fermented and aged in stainless steel vats, the most neutral material. Vinification is processed without sulfites thanks to the native yeast of the grapes. In addition, their terroir wines do not see barrels, as to preserve the authenticity and expression of the soil of the plot and the micro climate of each vine. The aging  is done in the bottle, to be more gentle and longer. They offer their wines for sale only after the necessary aging time, which can go up to 5 years for certain cuvées.

A second, new winery was built in 2010, an imposing structure overlooking Chinon. This building is energy efficient because it is buried. Its roof composed of terraces of vines ensures a constant temperature, summer and winter of around 15 ° C without air conditioning (the vines in terraces on the roof are planted with table grapes which giving up a cuvée of grape juice).

The harvest arrives directly above the vats, which limits the use of pumps to fill the vats and preserves the grape.

Visitors are EXTREMELY welcome at Pierre & Bertrand Couly and there is a lot to do and to see, including an art gallery, Escape Game and a mobile (segway touring). Check it out here.