Agricola Leuta Sangiovese 2011 MAGNUM 1.5L

Agricola Leuta

On the nose: prevailing notes of black berries, cherries and violets combined with sensations reminding of tobacco and peat. On the palate: warm and enveloping and ripe, expanded by the sapidity which gives also a long persistence. 100% Sangiovese


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Agricola Leuta




Red Wine



At Leuta, since is foundation in 2000 Denis Zeni has striven to have as low a carbon footprint as possible. In 2000, he adopted a clean approach to agriculture. Since the day 1, they have been fully Organic and are now entering the process to become certified. Since the 2005 vintage, Leuta adopted a vegan approach to vinification. They are going to eliminate the use of every other material needed in the vineyard/cellar such as leather gloves, leather boots and so on in order to be even less invasive on the environment. Although they use some organic manure to amend the soil but will continue to search for a substitute.

In the cellar, they recently made an agreement with  a company that guarantees to produce energy only from environment friendly resources. For the vineyard, they are building a little photovoltaic facility that will be more than enough to provide the energy for operations.


Starting with the vintage 2015 bottling, labels are FSC certified paper, GMO free, contains 30% post-consumer recycled waste and is produced with EKOenergy, resulting in a 20% reduction in carbon footprint. Corks, bottles and sleeves are already certified for vegan use.