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Some parts of the USA can be very hot during the summer - and they seem to be getting HOTTER.  A good idea to protect your fragile shipment is to add an ice pack to keep your wine cooler.
We insert the ice pack into your styrofoam shipping carton to add 48 hours of cooling. Although air shipping is the best solution, if the journey to your home from the East Coast is not too long, an ice pack can help. 
Four decades of massal and clonal selection, thirty-six different biotypes, a pure-bred Sangiovese. A unique project that was finally realized: "Blend", "Cru" and "Monovarietal".
$0.00 per Bottle
$839.88 per Case
This wine is dedicated to Philip Mazzei (1730-1816), an illustrious ancestor of the family's, passionate grape grower, political thinker, and "citizen of the world". Made with a blend of grapes selected from all the Mazzei’s estates, Philip is the quintessence of Tuscany. It embodies the “New World” spirit of Tuscan winemaking, best represents the “revolutionary” character of Philip Mazzei, and expresses our desire to pursue happiness.
$49.99 per Bottle
$599.88 per Case
Made with Cabernet Sauvignon and a small percentage of Cabernet Franc grapes, this powerful and elegant wine is the most important "Cru" of the Estate, the maximum expression of its native exceptional "terroir". Full and seductive body, dark spice flavors, enveloping and long taste.
$49.99 per Bottle
$599.88 per Case