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The 60 hectare vineyard of Château Gabachot is located in the Bordeaux and Entre-Deux-Mers region(between the Dordogne and Garonne).

In 1956, Chateau Gabachot became the property of the Fernandez family. In 1973 after long years of research, grape selection and hard work, owner Roger Fernandez began to bottle his wines of an excellent level of quality that came to be unanimously recognized.

This know-how has been taken over by his grandson, Jean Fernandez, who has the same respect for tradition and meticulous work, in order to produce the highest quality wine. Efforts are focused on traditional winemaking, while integrating various methods of contemporary enology.

The soil is clay and limestone, ideal for grapes, allowing the retention of winter rains to help the grapes and foliage mature properly all the while benefiting from the warm sunny summers, protecting the vineyard from drought.

Merlot is the dominant grape variety on the property. Cabernet Sauvignon, and a small amount of Malbec grapes are also grown. As for the white grapes, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion, and Sauvignon Gris complete the property. The yearly production of wines is approximately 3600 hectolitres per year.

Faithful to this ethic, Château Gabachot, always in search of excellence, continues its efforts of quality to satisfy its customers.
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The chais are open year round for visits and tastings where you can meet Jean and his wife Anna. You will not only have a privileged experience of learning first had their wine philosophy, get an up-close look at how their wines are made and how a well-maintained family winery functions.  It is definitely worth a visit! 

This wine has a deep cherry red color. The bouquet is expressive with aromas of red fruits accompanied by slight undertones of fresh mint and licorice. The mouth is ample and voluminous. This wine has harmonious sweetness, combining rounded velvety tannins with fleshiness. The ending is quite soft and long lasting.
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This wine has a very deep dark red color with terra cotta colored reflections. The bouqet is powerful with jam and pitted fruit aromas. The attack is voluminous and structured. This wine has very richly developed tannins, with a buttery and smooth ending.
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This exceptional wine is a dark prune color. The bouquet is complex and expressive with a hint of cherries in alcohol with spices. The flavor is full bodied and complex with a touch of acidity. Mid tastes are heady and smooth with a buttery ease. This is a well rounded wine that is balanced between tannic structure and sweetness. The tannins are bold yet supple, and the finish is long and aromatic, true to the bouquet.
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$360.00 per Case
This rosé has a bright rasberry color. The bouquet smells of fresh strawberries, rasberry with notes of citrus fruit, lemon and grapefruit. The attack in the mouth is fresh and round, fine, elegant and buttery. The ending is wonderful with a sweet finish, long and aromatic.
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