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A Request Regarding Proposed New Tariffs

Valued WineVIP Customers,

Time is of the essence! Please make your voice against the proposed additional 100% tariffs on all European wine.   

Here we share some ways you can communicate your feelings on the proposed new tariffs:

United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is the main decision maker with regard to tariffs.   Please send a note directly to him letting him know how and why these tariffs would be harmful to our industry. Here is a link to the website:



Please review the petition below, which gives the wine industry leverage to speak with Congress members. Feel free to share and ask others to sign as well.




Furthermore, please also contact your local congressman and ask that they reach out to Mr Lighthizer to comment against these tariffs.

For more information regarding the proposed tariffs and potential impact on the American wine industry, please see the New York Times artice below. 


Thank you!

Featuring Chateau de Miniére

Century-Old Vines for a Wine of Today

Château de Minière is a 16th century tufa house surrounded by a historic park and vineyards. For several centuries the vineyard has been managed by women, and since 2010 Belgian Kathleen Van den Berghe and her husband Sigurd have been perpetuating this tradition with their team.

Today, Kathleen strives to resp
ect her soils and the biodiversity present in the vineyard. She and her team work hard to weed between the rows, add organic materials, and work the ground by ploughing under the vines, sowing barley and oats to help loosen the soil and encourage life - all without the use of chemical fertilizers. Blending the past and present, Château de Minière cultivates 18 hectares of vines - including 2 hectares of vines that are over 100 years old.

The vines are ideally spread across the entire terroir covered by the appellation, from the gravel shores along the Loire River to the clay and limestone hills overlooking the valley. This broad range of vine ages and soils allows the production of delicate, fruity wines to be enjoyed young, as well as full-bodied wines with great ageing potential with tannins that become soft and silky over time.

The Château recently obtained their Organic Agriculture certification and focuses on the cultivation of Cabernet Franc, from which Kathleen vinifies into 8 different wines. From full-bodied varietal wines to sophisticated rosés, the wines coming from this estate are hidden gems that should not be missed!

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