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Chateau Gaudrelle is located in the heart of the Loire Valley between Tours and Amboise, next to the river Loire. Founded in 1931 by the grandfather of current owner, Alexandre Monmousseau, the domaine acquired its notoriety thanks to the richness of its terroir and the attention they have paid to creating their wines. Rich with limestone and silica, the soil produces a rich, dry flavor full of fruit rendered by the Chenin Blanc grape.

Chateau Gaudrelle is a chenin blanc specialist. The culture of chenin goes back to Saint Martin (late fourth century) because it had based its Hermitage near Tours. The soils of this appellation are clay calcareous or siliceous clay. At Chateau Gaudrelle they pay great importance to the different soils and soil types.

Picking is done by machine, equipped with a égrenoir for plots intended for the production of wine "bubbles", dry and soft dry. These types of wine require to harvest grapes without rot (aromatic purity, bitterness). Often, it turns out that it is the heaviest grape, which given shaking force, will fall first. The heaviest grape is one that is more mature. The grains rotting or unripe are lighter. Inertia is lower, so you have to shake harder. With correct use of the machine, sorting of the grapes is most effective.

Regarding soft and sweet wines, the grapes are harvested by successive pickings in two passes. Naturally, this can only be achieved by hand.

They produce a wonderful sparkling Chenin Blanc which is refreshing and full of fruit flavors of peach, apricot, and lemon. If you visit the estate, Charles Morand will be happy to give you a personal tour of the vineyard and wine making process, and of course a tasting of their delightful wines. Sit out in the picnic area and enjoy a glass of wine and the Loire river in front of the winery.

This incredible Vouvray is 100% Chenin Blanc. Thanks to its tiny bubbles, you will easily appreciate its minerality and dry flavor. Perfect match for an aperitive or a dessert, you will enjoy it for every occasion.
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Its interesting and complex soil provides minerality and freshness to this still wine. As dry as easy to drink, you will appreciate its silky and elegant effect in mouth.
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Looking for a good balance between acidity and sweetness? You find The one! Full bodied and fruity, it seems to please everyone since you can enjoy it with many different cooking.
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Made from clay soil, the grapes were harvested at perfect maturity to produce and exceptional wine with a unique style. The finesse of its bubbles and its mouthfeel are incomparable. The silky, complexity, depth and the elegance make this wine an unprecedented expression of the soil of Vouvray.

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